What is seo and actual targeted traffic to the website 2021?

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What is seo and actual targeted traffic to the website 2021?

Users drive in search queries. If the website is displayed in the TOP of search engine results, then users will go to this site. They may be in search of a product or service right now, be as interested in the purchase as possible, or they may carefully study the information being at the beginning of the customer acquisition funnel.

Transactions and sales

In the event that the website is helpful, the variety of merchandise is assorted, the costs are sufficient, the request is simple and speedy, at that point the approaching traffic will be changed over into on the web sales or orders on your site.

Repeat sales and loyal customers

With top notch advancement and a thoroughly examined design of the site, a helpful item or administration card, the client recollects the site and can return back as of now for brand inquiries. If the user after the purchase was satisfied with the product and service, then this interest must be supported and developed. For example, build communication with each client using CRM marketing And they will definitely come back to order again.

seo and actual targeted traffic


You don’t need to pay for referrals.

Indeed, search engines don’t charge you for organic clicks, so you don’t have to pay for users who come from search. Unlike contextual advertising, where every click on your ad will cost you money. But not everything is so simple. You still need to invest money in the search engine optimization of a site – by hiring an agency or a full-time employee. Realizing that the traffic received from organic search is several times cheaper than the traffic from contextual advertising. Plus, when optimizing a site, work is being done to improve the entire project the structure, landing pages, and content marketing are being finalized. And the customer receives both targeted traffic and website improvement, unlike other types of advertising.

Hot traffic.

Users themselves are looking for a product or service and for this they type in queries in the search. It is important that they look for it in real time. Therefore, organic traffic is one of the highest quality and most inexpensive channels for attracting traffic.

Flexible choice of requests.

You independently determine the list of queries that you want to promote in the search. At the same time, you can work with a fairly wide list of requests, processing demand at each stage of the customer acquisition funnel – building brand knowledge, reaching hot demand, making a purchase decision, working with an existing customer base. On the other hand, you can focus on promoting the most marginal products or queries that generate the most customers in your topic. Such requests can be viewed in the Yandex webmaster.

Hot traffic

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The technical condition of the site is improving.

For a site to rank high, it must meet certain search engine standards. Working on search engine optimization, you can achieve that the site loads quickly from any device, reduce the number of errors that interfere with purchases. A little later, let’s talk about the factors of SEO website promotion.

The usability of the site is improved.

Search algorithms are adapting and increasingly take into account the ease of use of the site when ranking. Simply put, it should be convenient for users to filter, select and order any product or service. Search engines appreciate this.

The result does not appear immediately

After optimizing a website, search engines need time to index it. Over time, search queries begin to rank higher and higher until they reach the TOP 10 positions. This time interval is always different – on average, from 2 to 6 months.

technical condition of the site

Website development costs

Website improvement consists of two main parts – the development of a change plan and the implementation of these changes. Developing a plan is the task of an SEO contractor, implementation is the work of your website development team. Both require resources, both time and money. On the other hand, in addition to traffic or the desired positions in the TOP-10, you get an improvement on the entire site. This has a beneficial effect on conversion – it grows and allows you to receive more hits from any traffic source.

Website development costs

Limited search relevance

The number of requests in your topic may be quite small – it is easy to estimate using the Word stat service from Yandex . In this case, investing in a full-fledged search engine promotion may not be advisable. It is much more correct to put the site in order and maintain it.

By position
A list of search queries that need to be promoted to the TOP-10 of search engines is determined in advance. As a rule, the payment of the bonus in this case occurs only upon the withdrawal of the request to the TOP-10.

By traffic
Based on the analysis of the site and its subject matter, a relevant semantic core is created. The task of the SEO contractor in this case is to increase targeted traffic to the site. Calculation of payment and traffic occurs before the start of work and is prescribed in the commercial proposal.

By targeted actions

The bonus is paid only if the desired targeted action has taken place from the organic traffic. For example, clicking on the shopping cart. It works well if your site has high-quality web analytics, you have statistics at every stage of the purchase on the site.

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