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Seo optimization and website promotion trends 2021

The home stretch of the outgoing year is the time to sum up the Seo optimization and plan actions for the future, analyzing mistakes, and figuring out what and how best to do in the coming year. Online promotion of web resources in this case is no exception. Consider what trends will become in demand in the world of SEO, and what you should pay attention to when optimizing and promoting sites in search engines. The quantity of positioning elements and the volume of web search tool prerequisites for online assets is expanding each year. Literally 5-7 years ago, SEO optimization and site promotion was limited to placing small texts on the promoted pages, spammed with key queries, and bulk purchase of links, and the nature of contributor destinations was not especially checked. It was moderately simple to arrive at the TOP-10 in Google in those days, however now, because of solid rivalry, those days are permanently gone.

To successfully rank a resource by search engines, you need to make every effort, because the algorithms of the search engine are constantly being improved, and new updates are released regularly. The goal of the improvements is extremely simple – to display users in the SERP with the best results that best match their search queries. However, for specialists engaged in SEO optimization in Ukraine and other countries, all the innovations of Google are another challenge and a test for professionalism, requiring a thorough analysis of the situation and the search for optimal solutions. In order to successfully increase the rating of an Internet resource and meet the expectations of visitors, it is important to take into account the trends of the SEO world and know which channels, tools, promotion methods are losing their relevance, and which ones are just gaining momentum.

Seo optimization in top website

Website design enhancement streamlining and site advancement – patterns of 2021

Before starting to study new trends, let’s consider which of the announced updates of this year smoothly flow into the next one:

Core Web Vitals is an algorithm that was launched in May 2020 and is currently being actively developed and improved. You can read an article about the Core Web Vitals update on our blog.
Page Experience is a new ranking update scheduled for May 2021.

The transfer of web resources to the mobile-first index has been postponed to March 2021, although it was originally planned for September 2020.

Passage Indexing is a snippet indexing search engine update that will help Google better understand pages with good, but poorly structured, blurry content. This update did not take place this year, most likely it was postponed to the next one.

Thus, SEO optimization, the cost of which depends on the complexity and volume of work, should be carried out in 2021 with an emphasis on future algorithms, so that by their release the web resource will meet the current requirements of the search engine as much as possible. Now let’s look at what needs to be done for this and how to implement it most efficiently.

Website design enhancement streamlining

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SEO site optimization for Google – expert, authoritative, reliable content

The better and more useful the content, the higher the audience engagement and the number of repeat sessions will be. Google does not like and negatively perceives poorly written text, and if the information on the page turns out to be inconsistent with the used search phrases, it will not show it in the search results.

The worst thing that can be for the promotion of an Internet resource is the publication and placement on pages of short texts spammed with key phrases. This promotion method is so outdated that it is bad manners to apply it now. Moreover, with the release of Passage Indexing, processing of long reads is likely to become more efficient.

By the way, SEO optimization and search engine promotion of sites through content means not only the publication of unique texts: reviews, cases, news, manuals, articles, research and other materials. In addition, other content formats should be used:

infographics, schemes, diagrams;

photographs, images;


gallery of product offers;

interactive maps;

thematic calculators of services, goods.

SEO site optimization for Google

Thus, the web page will become more diverse and interesting to the user. For example, if he is too lazy to read, he will watch an infographic or video review. Search engines rank best content that visitors read to the end and share it on third-party resources. For PS, this is a signal that the materials are useful and relevant to the target audience.

SEO optimization of website content will be incomplete if you ignore the concept of EAT. It appeared several years ago, and in May 2019 it became part of the Page Quality algorithm for evaluating page quality. However, this concept remains trending in 2021.

The essence of the EAT lies in the expertise, authenticity and authority of text materials. For example, an article for a medical platform should be drawn up by a doctor or an author with medical education, instructions for connecting equipment – by an engineer, a text on a legal web resource – by a lawyer, lawyer or copywriter with the appropriate education. By the way, Google has the right to request a certificate confirming the author’s qualifications.

To adapt content to EAT requirements, it is recommended:
Fill in the section “About the Company”, indicating detailed information about it and its activities.
Implement adding reviews. The more real, positive reviews are on the pages, the higher the value.

Local SEO

Local SEO – Google My Business and Maps

Due to the quarantine and the pandemic, local search has become much more in demand during 2020. By the way, Google is supporting this trend by encouraging users to help local businesses by ordering services or buying products near them. In this regard, a number of adjustments were made to the local search:

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