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Profitability of sites and services

Profitability of sites and services

This article will be useful to anyone who wants to start their own business on Money making websites and services. The main goal of the article is to give a rough idea of the complexity of project development for those who are planning to make their first startup. Money making websites The article assumes that the reader has already delved into the topic of the profitability of IT projects and represents how and how to make money. Surely you’ve heard stories from friends that they are from their sites easily earn a high salary in your country. At the same time, the age of the site is calculated in weeks, and the experience of creating such projects from your friend tends to zero. It was from this situation that I began to deal with sites and services. After reading a couple of dozen forums, I discovered that you can make good money on websites. In addition, I liked the topic of process automation and the idea of creating services for a large number of people. And comments on the forums promised income of the level “1 visitor brings exactly 1 ruble”.

Having worked for 7 years, I can say that stories about fabulous wealth are not true. Maybe, sometime in the distant past, there were super-high installments from logical promoting on the Internet, however they are no longer there. Maybe, quite a long time ago, destinations effortlessly outperformed the 100 guests each day half a month after creation. But now there is no explosive growth and super profits. Obviously, there is an opportunity to get into the brilliant rate and make a super-well known asset. But this probability tends to zero.

The first is content sites. As the name suggests, visitors come to these sites to get content (text, pictures, video, audio). Usually, on such sites, the main source of income is advertising (often contextual advertising from Google / Yandex). Much less often, content sites make money on paid access to closed sections. The second type of sites is services. For example, a website service for generating domain names, an SEO page analyzer service, etc. Such sites may charge a fee for use. I will not consider store sites separately, because at the start everything that will be said about service sites applies to them. And rarely does anyone make an online store as their first startup.

A site with 100 traffic per day is a big site

A site with 100 traffic per day is a big site

Site traffic depends on the topic. If you make a blog with the theme “team hodgepodge”, then the site will gain its hundred only in 2-3 years. Choosing a popular topic will reduce this time to 1-2 years. To keep things from looking so dark, I will say that there is a way to make a content site explosively popular. You just need to get into the trend and hope for the absence of competitors (but this is fantastic). For example, you can create a regional fan site for a popular new video game. There will be a lot of fans, the site will quickly overcome the bar of 100 visitors per day.  But this method worked until 2010. And now there is a whole army of site makers who are chasing trends. The attendance of service sites is growing almost an order of magnitude worse than that of blogs due to the lack of content, because search engines have nothing to cling to – there are few words on the site. And 80% of visitors to content sites come from search engines. In this manner, administration locales accept consistent money infusions into publicizing and the desire for natural conveyance of connections to the help.

Content sites don’t generate income

Content sites don't generate income

Due to low website traffic and sluggish growth, you should not rely on income in the first 2-3 years of a website’s life. Even a traffic of 500 people a day will not give any amount of profit. 

My most well known task gets 4,000 special clients each day. For a very long time of work, he procured somewhat less than half of 1 compensation on logical publicizing .It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t try to load the site with ads. Appearance is still more important than income. The income from content sites, comparable to 1 salary, now starts with a visit of 25 thousand people a day. And to grow to such indicators, you need many, many years of work, thousands of articles and advertising. Or be damn lucky. Already, site designers didn’t consider publicizing their assets, on the grounds that there were no contenders.In such conditions, the attendance grew by leaps and bounds. Now the opposite is true. There is fierce competition for traffic.  The advertising budget should be several times more than the cost of developing a startup. And this amount is only enough to understand the payback time of the site.

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