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Best app to earn money on Android

As a person who grew up in the early 2000s, earn money online it’s hard for me to imagine that you can withdraw real money from your phone! It turns out that I install myself a mobile application and earn money online, and for this some “Bill Gates” will unfasten dollars. Laughter, and more! Although not only laughter, but also a couple of hundred rubles to replenish the balance. earn money online Get ready to turn your android into a source of income, now you will find out everything.

Why would someone pay you?

Why would someone pay you?

The money for the promotion of their product is “unfastened” by the developers of mobile programs. The competition in this market is “fierce”. I could not figure out how many applications for android have been published now. But already in 2014 their number exceeded one million! On Google Play and the App Store, published apps are ranked by installs, ratings, and user reviews. In the presence of these factors, it is a sin not to take advantage of the cheat opportunity It is  beneficial for developers to have their “offspring” higher in the search results. 

This requires as many downloads and positive feedback from users as possible. Developers pay for these actions. It’s strange that the creators of Android don’t respond to them. After all, this method of promotion can be regarded as “deceiving” users.

Installation earnings

This section will provide an overview of popular solutions for making money on mobile applications:

1.  AppCent

The service pays for downloading free and paid mobile programs. In the second case, the funds for the purchase of the application will be returned to the user. Other types of tasks:

Viewing an advertising video.

Reviewed on Google Play.

Registration at various sites.

Downloading and passing the game up to a certain level (pays up to 50R.).

The service’s internal currency is “coin”, which costs 0.1 rubles. The ability to withdraw funds through popular payment systems or to a mobile account has been implemented. The minimum amount is from 10R. You can also use the money earned to buy games and applications.

2.  AppCoins

The service often holds contests and sweepstakes. Regular users receive a 10% bonus on their earnings. To become one of them, you need to log into AppCoins every day for a week. What he pays for:


Viewing promotional videos.

Installing paid applications.

You can withdraw funds through Webmoney, Yandex.Money and PayPal.

3.  WHAFF Rewards

A foreign service that pays for installation, visits to the advertised site, installation and launch of games. Accruals are made in dollars. Implemented the ability to launch several tasks at once with one click (installation and launch of the application). On average, it pays up to $ 0.1 per installation. For the referred referral, you can get 20 cents. Registration for the service goes through Facebook. Withdrawal of funds is possible only through foreign payment systems. The closest one for us is PayPal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 11.

WHAFF Rewards

4.  AdvertApp

This application is not available on official stores. It can only be downloaded from the developer’s website. What they pay for:

Watching a video – 0.05 rubles.

Poll – 10 rubles.

Installation – 5 rubles.

Install the game and go through it to a certain level – up to 7P.

Register and spend your funds – you can earn up to 1400R. However, some of these tasks may not pay.

5.  NewApp

Service for promoting applications on Google Play. It pays only for the installation of programs, but the cost of completing the task can reach 30 rubles. Funds are withdrawn to the phone, Yandex.Money, Qiwi or WebMoney. Affiliate program available. For each referred referral, the service gives 10% of his earnings.

6.  AppTrack

Types of tasks:


Installation and commenting.

Installing, opening, commenting and uninstalling the application after 3 days.

The service pays an average of 3-7R. for the installation. According to reviews, they have a constant lack of tasks. In addition, many users complain about problems with the withdrawal of funds.

7.  Tapporo

American promotion service. What he pays for:

Watching YouTube videos.

Commenting on videos.

Installing the application.

For reviewing them.

Internal currency – ORO ($ 1 is equal to 1000 units). Cash withdrawal – PayPal only. There are always many tasks, but the first ones are low-paying. Affiliate program works: for each brought user $ 0.6 is paid.


8.  AppTrailers

An English-language service that pays for watching movie, game and app trailers. And also for their installation and commenting. Rates:

Watching a video – 0.5 cents.

Installation of demo versions – up to $ 1.

9.  Libertex Lite

A simulator for honing the skill of the “game” in the stock market. The application was created by professional traders. The user receives $ 5000 on a demo account, and can make transactions in a safe mode. At the same time, the level of trading complexity is gradually increasing.

More than 140 instruments are integrated into Libertex Lite. Allows you to trade gold, oil, indices and shares of large foreign companies.

10.  IQ Option

Another tool for novice traders. Allows you to easily switch between a “practice” and a real account, trade currency pairs, gold, silver, indices and company stocks.

The minimum entry amount is 300R. A large number of teaching materials in 13 languages ​​of the world. Multilingual support service.

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